Find Your Shine: Why Sparkles Make Life Better

What’s capable of striking joy into our hearts, inducing a state of awe and “WANT!”? I’ll give you another clue – it’s the shiny spice of life. If you’ve answered glitter, sparkles, and all things nice, of course you’re right!

And since we’re going to be talking about all things that glisten and twinkle, it’s best to get the begrudgers out of the way first.

You know them; I know them.

They scoff in the face of shimmering wonders and talk about how glitter is too messy “it just gets everywhere!” Well, that’s what diamond-encrusted hoovers were invented for!

Why do we love sparkles so much?

Anyway, as it turns out, deep down, there’s a part of them that loves glitter – even just on the most basic level. You see, scientists were baffled by our worldwide love of sparkles for quite some time. It seems to exist across the entire human race, and even more interestingly – it spreads into other species. Primates, canines, and even crows can’t get enough of sparkly things!

Why? It’s simple. Water sparkles, glistens, and reflects light in every which ways as it laps to and fro, and we need it to live!

There’s even proof of sparkle-love in ancient civilization from as early as 40,000 B.C.!

In short, we all love glitter, and science agrees.

So, why wouldn’t we want some pizzazz in our day-to-day life? As if having an evolutionary love for the stuff wasn’t enough, here are some more excuses for you to surround yourself with sparkles.

Why sparkles are good for you

Mood boost

Glitter is 100% exciting. Just one glance, and we’re reminded that life isn’t meant to be banal. It’s a quick sparkly reminder that life is fun, and we should make it shine wherever we can.

Increased wellbeing

Research suggests our moods are linked to our overall physical and mental health. So, glitter may be so much more than a pick-me-up – it might actually be a low-key remedy!


When you’re sparkling, you WILL be seen. Think of Marilyn Monroe singing the iconic “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” (how true!) Well, did you know she was surrounded by a swarm of men? No? Because why would you look at them? The Swarovski dress is right there between them! And don’t even get me started on Rihanna’s dazzling Swarovski crystal-drenched gown – ICONIC.

Sparkles are associated with confidence. They’re like a radiant barrier between you and the world; people can only look on in amazement and admire what they see! You can make any sidewalk into a catwalk with sparkly accessories. Can you imagine swinging your diamond-encrusted purse by your side as you saunter around town? – also ICONIC.



Whoever said that sparkles didn’t belong in the fashion industry was just plain wrong. There’s a reason why world-class designers like Alexander Wang and Judith Lieber are adding some shine to their collections – it sells. And why does it sell? Because it looks good! Gone be the days of drab neutrals, we’re gonna shine!

If you’re having any doubts, just take a look at how sparkles can be gorgeously added to sunglasses, and even air fresheners!

Finally …

All in all, sparkle obsession is nothing to be ashamed of. Sparkle love has been around since the dawn of time and will be forever! So, you don’t need any of that anti-sparkle in your life.
To sparkle or not to sparkle, that is the question. The answer is always YES!