Why Shopping Is GOOD For You

When we find ourselves in times of trouble, there’s often only one thing left to do – SHOP.

We all do it …

In fact, according to Psychology Today, 62% of shoppers have purchased something to cheer themselves up.

But why?

Simply put, shopping makes us feel good! It’s an easy pick-me-up that we’re all familiar with. There’s a reason they call it retail therapy.

And just like regular therapy, it works differently for everyone. Let’s take a look at some of the mysterious driving forces behind why we reach for our credit cards when our hearts break.

No regrets!

Most coping mechanisms involve some sort of indulgence. You might have one too many glasses of wine or reach the end of that ice cream tub on a hard day. Often, regret pangs kick in the next day alongside a headache. However, the same can’t be said for shopping trips.

In fact, a study published in the journal Psychology and Marketing suggests that impulse buying influenced by mood rarely results in that “oh no” feeling. It seems that every last penny spent on feeling good again is worth it.

Not only short-term but long-term relief

Another study from the Journal of Consumer Psychology reported that not consistently dark moods could be lifted through retail therapy. This is a huge finding suggesting that retail therapy doesn’t just work at the moment but can help us achieve a lasting wellbeing boost.

Confidence boost

When we feel down in the dumps, we might not feel like we deserve much. Our self-love wavers, and we start having doubts about our worth.

Repeat after me: YOU.ARE.WORTH.IT. Every last purchase. Forget about the price tag and allow yourself to feel like the million bucks you are. Treating ourselves is a quick way to remind ourselves that we deserve to be pampered.

Moreover, when we’re killing it in our new outfits, we can’t help but walk with that extra pep in our step.

Back in the driver’s seat

Buying that cute handbag or Diamante Head Piece that you’ve been side-eying for months is a great way to remind you and everyone else who’s boss. You get to choose your new look. Just imagine the compliments, that fresh, fabulous feeling, and maybe even plan a little home photoshoot for yourself.

New lease on life

Sometimes we just need something new, especially when we’re not feeling great. Even just purchasing one new accessory or pair of shoes can be that fresh addition that brings some spice into our lives (and wardrobes!)

Potential bonding session

Shopping trips are rarely made alone. We call up friends, family, or whoever else could use some retail therapy. As we rifle through the racks, piles, and shelves, we find ourselves talking, laughing, emptying our hearts, and simply living in the moment. In short, there’s so much more to a shopping trip than most people realize. It’s not just about the money, possessions, and material items. Sometimes, it’s about who you’re with. And if you go alone, it can be nice just to watch the world go by and take it all in.

Finally …

There’s a reason why they say ‘shop until you drop.’ What you’re dropping is all of your problems. Treat yourself and watch your worries wash away.