Shopping Made Easy With The Sparkle Box



What if I told you, you could have an explosion of sparkles into your life every month? You wouldn’t even have to do anything – just open the door. Well, you can have that dream come true!

Shining is on trend in 2021!

Lately, we’ve noticed that there’s something missing - a gap in the market. Glitter, sparkles, and all things that shine are in high demand. Ever since Rhianna sported the iconic Swarovski-crystal-encrusted gown in 2016, the fashion world couldn’t get enough of luxurious shimmer.

Soon after, Kim Kardashian unveiled her diamond-encrusted grill in 2018, showing that diamonds couldn’t just be used in clothes; they could be accessories, hairpieces, and so much more. The whole world has been enjoying a glitter revolution. However, there’s no one-stop-shop to get our glitter fix.

Why should we deprive ourselves of the brighter things in life? We consider ourselves lucky if we get one or two glittery products a year. Sometimes they’re just too expensive; other times, they’re too scarce!

We just don’t think that’s good enough. We’ve decided to leverage the rise of subscription boxes and add our own touch of glamour.

What does that mean?

To understand our aim, you first need to understand the charm of the subscription box. Here’s what makes it unique:

The average subscription box is a steal – the premise of these exciting boxes is that they take several high-quality, pricey products and package them into a convenient, affordable bundle. For example, each of our boxes is worth over $80, but you’ll never pay over $60 – you can even land it for as little as $45!

Subscription boxes are easy – The most a subscription box asks of you is that you type your details into a few boxes and press “purchase.”

Diverse – We’re all about small businesses these days. They need our support, and we’re all rallying around to give their products a go. We’d like to thank them for the bravery that going into business takes while supplying our customers with a wealth of new products to enjoy.

The gift that never stops giving – we all have that special someone in our lives who loves a touch of glitz & glam. A subscription box makes sure they’re never left without their glitter fix!

Discovery – you never know what you’re going to get in your glittery treasure chest! Open up a world of new products, gadgets, and accessories through our subscription boxes.

And the list goes on! You won’t even have to worry about delivery fees; we’ve got that covered.

What’s in our subscription boxes?

Would you like to take a sneak peek at what you can expect to find inside our shimmery boxes of wonders?

As you can see, we never go light on the sparkles. We also like to make sure that there’s a little bit of everything in each box to make sure you’re spoiled on all sides. We’re always on the hunt for the latest, high-quality glamour goods and aim to keep it all on-trend – only the best for our customers!


If you liked the sound of all that, you’ll be happy to hear we’re hosting a giveaway! You could be in with the chance of winning one of our sparkle boxes valued at $100 free-of-charge. All you have to do is enter with your email address or Facebook and one of our sparkle boxes could be on its way to you. What are you waiting for!?