How To Find The Right Belt For Your Shape

Belts are a versatile fashion wonder. They’re functional, stylish, and easy to buckle up when on the go – is there anything belts can’t do? Well, yes. Unfortunately, they’re not one-size-fits-all.

That’s why many designers consider belts a type of shapewear rather than just an accessory. They have the power to carve, enhance, minimize, and other such real-life silhouette-altering magic.

So, how do you know which belt to reach for? Let’s take a look:

Petite frame: Thin, color-matching belt.

This belt choice is a favorite of the Kardashians. Did you know that Kim is 5”1 and Kourtney is 5”0? While they’ve been known to go for chunky belts now and then, their staple belt is wafer-thin.

Why? Well, instead of chopping their figures in two, these diminutive belts work to streamline their silhouettes. Better yet? When a belt is color-matched with an outfit, it has a tendency to create the illusion of height.

Whether you’re wearing a jumpsuit, high-waisted pants, or a dress – a thin, matching belt is the way to go. Instead of feeling fashionably short-changed by thin belts, why not add some pizzazz and fire with a harness belt?

Tall: Wide belts.

Belts with more surface area look most proportional to your stunning frame. Instead of swamping your waist, these substantial belts look right at home. With wider belts, you have a degree of freedom when it comes to picking style or color. However, it might be best to place the belt a little lower on your waist to create that modelesque aura.

If you feel like your height masks you curves, a shoulder-pop belt could be the best pick for you.

Hourglass: Any size as long as it’s placed right.

When balancing a curvy figure, you should keep a close eye on belt placement. The most flattering positioning will be slightly north of your natural waist – think just above your belly button. When the belt sits here, it gets to work, emphasizing your curves without digging into your hips.

Whether you’re sporting an evening dress or mom jeans, always try to avoid thin, hip belts that shift your curves southwards.

Boyish/Straight: “barely there” belts.

No curves? No problem. Super slim belts that are almost imperceptible from afar are adept at creating the illusion of understated curves.

Think along the lines of leather rope or chain belts that hang around your waist as you rock a billowy dress. Don’t think a small belt adds enough “oomph” to your outfit? Why not try some decorative tassel belts that add a vintage appeal to even the most modern dresses. Or, you could always go ultra-modern and trendy by rocking a wallet  belt!

Curvy/Plus-sized: Loud, statement belts.

Who said that curvy girls could only use stretchy belts? They were wrong. So so wrong. In fact, the opposite is true. Why cramp your style with a squeezing belt when you could go for a figure-flattering loose fit belt instead? If you’re worried that you don’t have enough waist to work with a belt – fret not. Switch up your belt color and watch a waist appear in front of your very eyes! Animal print belts coupled with a stark black dress are currently on-trend. Oh, and the bulkier the buckle – the better.

Finally …

At the end of the day, you want to wear the belt, not have the belt wear you! So, pick what you feel enhances your inner glow and makes you feel confident in your outfit choice. Either way, a new belt is always welcome in our lives, so treat yourself!