Fun Ways to Accessorize Your Workday



What do you picture when you think of the average workday? Is it grey-toned, repetitive, and full of sighs? Maybe it’s the opposite: colorful and optimistic. Either way, there’s always room for improvement.

Interestingly, the easiest way to add some spice to your average workday is through accessories. Think about it – you can change them easily, they don’t take any effort, and they look fantastic! Perhaps the remedy for those uninspiring days has been hiding in your jewelry box all along.

Want to find out how you can put your accessories to everyday use? Here’s how!

Rethink your outfits

We often get in the habit of wearing the same outfits to work every day. It’s just easier that way. But as they say, a little thought goes a long way. And putting just a little extra effort into your outfits can change your day for the better. Think about it, is there anything that elevates your mood faster than capturing a quick glimpse of yourself looking fabulous?


Sky high heels

Nothing says I’m here to work (werk) quite like strutting through the office doors in a set of dramatic heels. Need we say more?

Fun Purse Earrings

Friday work accessories

TGIF! Phew, you can finally let your hair down a little and unwind. Since Friday is such a momentous occasion, why not set the theme for celebration? You’re already looking forward to dressing up this weekend; why not start a little early?

Well, did you know that ‘that Friday feeling accessories’ are a thing? Yes, some people have collections of earrings, necklaces, rings, and even hair bands that they save for that special end of work weekday. Sound extra? That’s because it is! And that just gives us all the more reason to start our own collection.

Fun & Unique Earrings 

Who says your work clothes need to be quiet? Liven up any outfit by adding a pair of quirky, unconventional, yet incredibly stylish earrings that are sure to make you the belle of the office!

Wide Stretch Belt

Day & night

While this section is focused on Friday accessories that can be worn both in the office and at the club, we don’t discriminate by day of the week. Be it Monday, Tuesday, or any word that ends with day – sometimes you just won’t have time to switch outfits. This figure-hugging belt is the perfect 24/7 accessory that has the professional yet fun edge.

Bling Queen Car Accessories

Unbore your commute

While hoping into your car in the morning or after a hard day can be therapeutic, it can also be underwhelming. Sure, it’s nice to let off steam by blasting our favorite tunes, but what’s there to see? We could probably do our commute with our eyes closed. We’ve seen everything outside our car window’s a million times before. So, why not bling up your vehicle’s interior?

Think about it, your rear-view mirror is perfect for dangling some bling from. Or, you could bedazzle the mirror itself using some glitzy stickers.

You could even go all out by picking up some diamond mudguards. Think of it like a modern-day ‘Pimp My Ride.’ Make your car into your castle and feel like royalty as you go to and from work.


Mesh Dress Socks



Give it socks

We wear socks ever day. We don’t even give them a second thought as we pull them on every morning. However, the fashion industry have taken notice of this tragedy and have decided to fix it! Colourful, feisty, full-of-life socks are tiptoeing their way into the most stylish trends. Fortunately, they’re a subtle way of energizing our professional outfits. Why not slip on a pair of adorable socks before work? It’ll add a smile to your face when you need it most!

Scope out empty space

Let’s face it, our work spaces don’t tend to be pretty. Whether you’re at a desk all day or moving from one place to another, there’s always a way to ‘beautify’ your surroundings. Copious amounts of studies and research have shown that our environment can affect our mood and mindset. In fact, some argue that “time flies when you’re having fun” adage also applies to atmosphere. So, help your workday to fly by and look for places that you can ‘jazz up.’ an empty spot at your desk?


Your day-to-day doesn’t have to be boring! Think outside the box and bling up even the most mundane parts of your world!