5 Unique Ideas For Adding Some Glamor To Your Car



The days of “Pimp My Ride” might be over, but a new era of DIY designer cars is just getting started. First of all, when Kylie Jenner customized her Rolls-Royce with a sparkly ceiling – she knew what she was doing. She set the trend of blinged-out cars that hasn’t shown any signs of slowing since.

But since we’re now all in a frenzy for sparklier cars, you’ve probably seen people trying out new ways to add some glitz to their cars online (or in real life!) As you see more and more glittered vehicles on our timelines, you might be tempted to give your own care a glow-up.

If that’s the case, we’re here to provide you with all the inspiration you could ever need! Let’s dive in:

Classy Diamond Door Strip

First of all, who wouldn’t want to be seen cruising around in this cooler-than-everyone-else car? Seriously, the understated, sharp line of door crystals is entirely understated, classy, and glamorous. This design is definitely for those among you who prefer a more “confidently cool” look rather than an “all-eyes-on-me” aesthetic.

The best part about these sparkles is that they’re easy to apply to your car and leave no marks behind.

Must-have Shimmering Kick Guard

Who hasn’t once dreamed of lining their car with crystals? Well, now you can! This diamante kick guard serves up the luxury treatment for your feet. Anyone jumping into your car will be blown away by the glitzy shimmer of these lovely additions to any car! So, why not add these irresistible scratch resistance shimmering panels to your vehicle? It’s easy as clicking “buy,” opening the package, and then placing them in your car!

Diamond-Encrusted Rear Mirror Glam

Ever wanted to look super slick while on the go? Daydreamed about adding some sparkle to the simple act of checking your mirrors? Look no further. This rear mirror diamond cover will make you feel like you’re living the high-life as you cruise around. You might even forget that you’re not in a movie as you take quick glimpses in your mirrors.

Taking your journies to the next level is a simple as making your mirrors shine! Treat yourself to those Hollywood lights vibes and let yourself enjoy some sparkly luxury.

Lavish Diamond-Studded Car Bag

We’ve all done it. Put our handbags, coats, or whatever else at our feet in a car and ended up smudging them. Or, we’ve put our bag behind our seat and spend far too long rummaging for it when we need it. Who needs that type of shoulder pain!

Well, we’ve got the solution for you, and it just so happens to be a stylish one! Our hold-all bag and organizer looks effortlessly cool as it hangs between your front seats. You can easily adjust this trendy purse to make sure it’s just the right height for you to reduce arm strain. However, perhaps the most attractive feature of this convenient bag is that it won’t ruin your car’s perfect look.

Crystal Car Phone Holder 

And last but not least, the glistening cherry on top of your blinged out car – a luxury phone holder. Be reminded that your car is a palace every time you take a call or play your tunes.

Final word …

Your car is your home away from home. We always feel at peace when we hop into our cars. So, why not make it your own?! Of course, we’re a big fan of sparkles, but you can kit your car out to suit your desires!